A commentary about ‘after surveillance’

Amy and Jen were invited to write a short commentary for the journal Postdigital Science and Education, about the network and the concept of ‘post surveillance’. The Commentary is now available to read online – feel free to get in touch with Jen if you can’t access it.

The commentary is woven together with a short speculative fiction about a future student, Astra, and the constraints imposed on her in the name of safeguarding student mental health.

We explain that when we say ‘after surveillance’ we are not looking back, but instead:

gesturing toward a future that involves a deeper understanding of the role surveillance has played and continues to play in universities and tactics and strategies for interrupting and perhaps reducing or reconfiguring its impacts. This requires a willingness to speculate that some of the surveillance roles we have come to accept could be otherwise, along with an acknowledgment that we are implicated in what Lyon terms ‘surveillance culture’ (2017) in education. What can we do with that knowledge, and what culture shifts can we collectively provoke?

Collier, A. and Ross, J. (2020). Higher education after surveillance? Commentary, Postdigital Science and Education. Online First. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s42438-019-00098-z

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